Corporate Responsibility

Code of Conduct

Our corporate Code of Conduct defines our business standards and behaviors worldwide. It outlines our principles for conducting business, our commitment to compliance with laws, rules and regulations, and also how we manage issues as wide ranging as human rights, equality, health and safety, environmental protection and corruption. Our Code of Conduct is our corporate conscience. We expect the same from our suppliers and business partners.

Sucres et Denrées (“Sucden”) is committed to conducting business in a lawful, responsible, ethical and sustainable manner and requires that its employees and business partners worldwide demonstrate this same commitment.

Sucden adopted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework centered around four main principles that are deployed both for direct and indirect (supply chain) impact: Business Practices, Social Standards, Respect for the Environment, and Community Involvement.

Our Corporate Code of Conduct (CCC), which complements our Corporate Social Responsibility Framework, defines the business practices and behaviors we expect from our employees worldwide. It outlines principles we uphold when conducting business around the world as well as our commitment to comply with all relevant government laws, rules and regulations. Our CCC also stipulates how we manage human rights, labor, social equality and welfare, health and safety, environmental protection, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering as well as economic/trade sanctions.

Sucden is dedicated to developing mutual trust and confidence with business partners who share these same values and business practices.

Business Practices

Compliance with all applicable laws and contractual obligations

Sucden is committed to conducting its business and operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with our contractual obligations.

To comply with applicable laws, we established specific anti-bribery (including gifts & invitations), anti-corruption, AML policies, applicable to all Sucden employees.

Any breach against the policies might lead to disciplinary sanctions as provided in internal policies.


Sucden undertakes to manage our business fairly and with integrity.

We respect the intellectual property rights and confidential information of our competitors, customers and suppliers and do not use them in an inappropriate manner.

We comply with trade restrictions and boycotts that apply to our activities and business opportunities.

We deal fairly with our customers, suppliers and other business partners and treat them respectfully and honestly. Sucden has implemented a whistleblowing policy to consider and review any report of serious misconduct violating the present code or any act that would constitute a criminal offense.

Food safety

Sucden is dedicated to providing our business partners, clients and customers with safe and quality products.

We comply with applicable industry-specific food safety laws and regulations and ensure food safety and quality standards of our products and services.

Social standards

Employment laws and social standards

Sucden is resolute regarding the respect of human rights.

We recognize, and adhere to, the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by the International Labor Organization.

We comply with local and international relevant regulation regarding forced, involuntary or child labor.

We support equal rights and non-discrimination in employment and at work.

We comply with applicable employment laws and regulations. We pay fair living wages and benefits and we invest in the development of our employees.

Health and safety

Sucden is committed to ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for all our employees, business partners and visitors at our facilities.

We comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations.

We encourage employees to follow health and safety laws and requirements that apply to their jobs.

Respect for the environment

Environmental footprint and sustainable agriculture

Sucden supports and encourages a more efficient use of natural resources and to the protection of the environment.

We adhere to all environmental laws and regulations that apply to our operations and facilities.

We work to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

We are reducing our industrial, agricultural and environmental impact through efforts to minimize waste, a more efficient use of resources, a reduction in emissions as well as through sustainable agricultural practices. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint worldwide.

We are willing and ready to help farmers in our supply chain improve their productivity and to better manage their farms through use of good agricultural practices and training on use of agrochemicals.

We also support sustainable agriculture through partnerships and/or support of organizations which protect and defend these principles.

Community involvement

Good corporate citizenship

Sucden aspires to be a good corporate citizen and commits to support the people and communities where it operates.

The Fondation Sucres et Denrées, as well as the Sucden Financial “We Care” program, provide financial support to communities in need and for programs that meet our targeted objectives of access to education, protection of the environment as well as promotion of health and nutrition.

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