Children at school in Africa

Corporate Responsibility

Social engagement

We support programs and projects that enable us to make a distinct contribution to the community. We look to engage Sucden employees and leverage their expertise, to create opportunities for collaboration with our clients and other strategic partners and, most importantly, to solve problems rather than simply treat symptoms.

The Sucden Foundation

Sucden along with its corporate foundation, donates approximately $US2 million annually. Since 2009, our Fondation Sucres et Denrées has provided funding to organizations and individuals that fall within the company's philanthropic focus areas of education, nutrition and health, livelihood and environment.

Our involvement and support are conducted based on three priorities:

Leverage employees’ initiatives

Our employees are our greatest assets, and we encourage and support their personal involvement in projects with strong social impact. Sucden employees can apply for funding from the Sucden foundation for these projects. Applications are received throughout the year and undergo a rigorous acceptance process. Examples of employee projects funded by the Foundation include:

“Healing Hands of Hope” – Project “El Refugio” in Colombia

We signed a three-year commitment to support the building and the launch of a new school in Tierra Bomba, Colombia, where education infrastructure was inadequate.

“En bici al Cole” in Peru

This project provides bicycles for pupils living long distances away from school. Implemented in partnership with a local association experienced in similar initiatives, it can significantly improve pupils’ lives and is expected to increase local school enrolment rate.

“Source Vive” in France

Source Vive provides active support for families with a child battling cancer.

“Enfants du Mékong” – Children of Mekong

The Covid-19 virus outbreak has strongly affected the South-Asian region, where the poorest could not afford food. The Foundation quickly pledged to help the association distribute food and essential products to those most deprived.

Generate local positive impact where Sucden operates

We aim to have a positive impact in the regions where we work, to improve lives in the communities as well as the environment. 

CLEF project with the Jacobs Foundation

In 2020, Sucden committed US$500,000 over the next five years to the “Child Learning and Education Facility” in Côte d’Ivoire. This will support childhood education and address child labor in the region where we operate.

Sustain Landscape in India

The project helps small coffee producers to increase their income through land preservation and trees selection.

Support universal causes


Sucden has partnered with Sidaction, a French agency dedicated to the elimination of HIV/AIDS in West Africa, for the last five years. Activities are implemented via local organizations in Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Togo with the goal of preventing the proliferation of HIV/AIDS, especially in pregnant women, and helping to distribute medical treatment to infected persons.

The Pan-African Organization to Fight for Health (OPALS)

Over the last few years Sucden has donated to the Pan-African Organization to Fight for Health (OPALS), a medical organization dedicated to maternal and child health in Africa.

Heritage foundation

In 2019, Sucden signed a three-year commitment with the Fondation de France to safeguard the cultural and architectural heritage in France, notably for the rebuilding of Notre-Dame Cathedral.