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Продукты и услуги Кофе

Ensuring the prosperity of coffee growers is vital to our business. By prioritizing responsible sourcing, we aim to uphold our values, support coffee farmers, protect the environment and fulfill the increasing demand for traceable coffee.


Sucden Coffee Verified is the voluntary sustainability scheme developed by Sucden Coffee that enables farmers to demonstrate that they produce their coffee sustainably and in line with the EU Deforestation Regulation.

Sucden Coffee Verified is rolled out across five coffee sourcing origins. We work together with our producers to establish a baseline level of sustainability in coffee production across these origins. The Scheme covers smallholders, large farms, and groups of farms.


The twelve sustainability criteria and forty-one subcriteria of the Scheme are outlined in the Sucden Coffee Verified Standard.

The commitment of Sucden Coffee to inclusivity and stakeholder engagement is a pivotal element of the standard-setting and -revision procedure. Consultation rounds on the standard criteria therefore included diverse groups of farmers in terms of origin, farm type, and prior certification status.

The Standard should be responsive to the dynamic nature of the coffee industry and should evolve to address emerging challenges and opportunities. To that end, feedback to the Standard is welcomed and may be shared via . Received feedback will be logged and taken into consideration for future standard revisions.

In addition, a full revision process including stakeholder consultation will take place every five years or more frequently if needed. Substantive changes will be communicated to directly affected parties such as assurance providers and certificate holders before implementation. Responsibility for the Standard and revisions lies with the Sucden Coffee Global Sustainability Team.