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Our new handymax successfully brings dry bulk cargo to France

This holiday season saw Sucden unload dry bulk cargo in France for the first time.

Our Eurus Venture, a handymax bulk carrier, which started life in January 2017, paid the deep-water port of La Rochelle, La Pallice a visit over the Christmas and New Year period.

The vessel called in at Sète, in the southeast of France and La Pallice to discharge a cargo of 32,000 mts of bulk soya bean meals from Kandia in India.

It wasn’t plain sailing however, as after a few days of mild and sunny Mediterranean weather, the climate turned. The vessel struggled to complete the discharging operations due to wet and stormy conditions coming in from the Atlantic coast.

Yet, thanks to the Eurus Venture’s state-of-the-art technology, its dry bulk cargo was unloaded safely and efficiently.

Not only were our clients happy, but this was also an excellent opportunity for members of the Sucden Paris office to visit the new vessel and discover its ultramodern design and equipment for themselves.

Key features of the Eurus Venture handymax bulk carrier:

  • A shallow draft for safe navigating into any port in the world.
  • High cubic capacity in the hold
  • ‘Geared’ fitted for more effective loading and unloading at port.
  • ‘Grab fitted’ with scoops making it ideal for discharging agriprods.
  • Latest environmentally friendly ballast water treatment systems.
  • An EEDI (Energy Efficient Design Index) rating of 28.5 per cent and compliant with IMO regulations until 2024 making it one of the greenest bulk carriers in the world.


As a freight services supplier, Sucden Armateurs owns a fleet of world class bulk carriers and manages at least 25 vessels around the world at any given time. Our Eurus Venture is one of four handymax vessels designed to carry agriprods to and from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the handymax bulk carrier, we offer a competitive same-day service for freight, using panama, ultramax and supramax freighters. Sucden ships over 5 million tonnes of ocean freight each year, achieving competitive results for the businesses who work with us.