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Sucden Foundation is supporting an initiative to sustain the unique coffee landscape in India

Sucden Coffee is proud to announce the launch of collaboration with the College of Forestry in Ponnampet, India. The joint pilot project seeks to address two critical challenges facing India today: land degradation and loss of biodiversity.

Over the last decade, the coffee landscape in the Kodagu region, one of the sourcing regions of Sucden Coffee, has developed towards lower tree density, dominated by exotic species and with farms cultivating relatively sun-grown coffee. These changes have brought advantages in terms of short-term improvement in economic status of the local population but also adverse effects in terms of degradation of land resources and long-term viability of coffee livelihoods.

The three-year project is an effort to revive the self-sustaining, diversified coffee farming landscape in the region by promoting native tree cover and eco-friendly practices. This objective will be achieved by promoting economically important fruit-yielding trees among farmers, as well as by increasing the tree cover in community lands (including sacred groves and riparian zones). At least 60,000 trees will be planted within the scope of the project. Furthermore, farmers will gain access to income-diversification trainings such as orchid farming and beekeeping.

The College of Forestry plays a key role in the project by applying their research findings and by engaging local experts and students in the implementation of the activities. Moreover, the College nursery will be key in securing the supply of the necessary planting material.

We are pleased to have gained such a strong partner with local experience and scientific outlook to help us deliver on our sustainability commitments to improve livelihoods, sustain coffee supply and conserve nature.