Sucden publishes its 2021 Responsibility Report

11 May 2022

Our latest annual Sustainability report covers Sucden’s performance against five action areas: business practices, people, environment, supply chain and communities.

As a member of the Global Compact, Sucden aims to translate its license to operate into a high-quality environmental and social performance. We continue to develop our compliance and certification processes. Along with our stakeholders, including financing and supply chain partners, we are taking many proactive steps to further improve our business practices, such as monitoring our carbon footprint (including our scope 3 emissions) or going down the sustainability linked loans route.

In the cocoa and coffee businesses, we are monitoring our supply chain closely, to measure cocoa-related and coffee-related impact at a community and household level. 2021 was a major turning point for cocoa sustainability initiatives. Sucden actively participated in significant efforts to support the building of a more inclusive and climate-resilient cocoa sector as part of its strategy to expand its sourcing and supply of sustainable cocoa.

Over its 70 years of existence, Sucden faced many volatile market conditions, but ‘our staff succeeded in continuing to meet clients’ needs, offering our suppliers innovative solutions, and grasping opportunities’, said Serge Varsano, Chairman of Sucden.

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Download 'Rapport de Responsabilité 2021'

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