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Sucden releases its newly adopted Human Rights Statement

Our Human Rights Policy sets out our commitment to conduct business with respect for international human rights standards.

Sucden’s business operations are based on a culture and principle of responsibility. Responsible care remains a cornerstone of how Sucden’s business strives to relate to and impact our employees, clients, suppliers and partners.

Besides such fundamental operating principles, external stakeholders – governments, customers and consumers – increasingly expect that international businesses, such as Sucden, articulate and publish corporate commitments to support and protect the human rights of individuals who are impacted by their operations.

To confirm Sucden’s commitment to respect the rights of all those who are directly or indirectly part of our business, throughout our supply chains, we have developed the Sucden Human Rights Policy. The Human Rights Policy complements other policies and codes that are in effect throughout our business.

Download Sucden Human Rights Policy