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In 2022, Sucden celebrated its 70th anniversary at the London Museum of Natural History.
The Group was pleased to share its journey over the last decades among a large gathering of valuable suppliers, clients and financing partners from all over the world. The photos below provide a glimpse of the event’s festive atmosphere.

Sucden celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2012. Max Benhamou, who worked with us from 1954 to 2017 and who was a former President, made an emotional presentation encapsulating the true spirit of our business.

Sucden 60th anniversary party

Sucden 60th anniversary party

When the spirit of freedom in the fifties replaced the years of terror in Europe, two men, elegant, refined, different, left behind a mythical city, Casablanca, Morocco,

Paris, reawakening after five years of horror, eager to open up and embrace modernity, welcomes them straightaway, appreciating their hopes to create a renewed world all together.

Sucden was born out of this powerful love. Sugar presented itself and was considered. Cocoa, coffee, butter, milk, fish and meat awaited their turn to be adopted.

The polo swimmers reinvented themselves as traders. Maurice sent them off around the new world.

From New York to Havana, Rio, Beijing and Moscow. From failures to successes, life was intense.

Sucden then came through all the upheavals. The Fall of the Wall and the end of the Red Terror.

All the countries saw far-reaching changes and Sucden, with Serge, had to reinvent everything.

From Miami to Hong Kong, Dubai to Lipetsk. From São Paolo to Manila, Peru to Mexico. From the Brazilian pampas that became sugar fields, to the icy Russian steppes that became beet fields, 

New teams of enthusiastic pioneers, crisscrossing the planet to plant their flags, with outstanding guidance from Sami and Thierry, made the ‘small French firm’ the equal of all the majors.

In the fifties, two men, elegant, refined, different, left behind Casablanca. Sixty years have passed and two generations. The new one is getting ready and looking to the future.

These two times thirty years have made sixty. For me as well, it was a time for action. What will the forty years leading to the centenary bring? The answer is still to ‘keep the wind at our backs’.

60th anniversary – SUCDEN – Max Benhamou’s speech