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Corporate Responsibility


We're a family business and we work on a personal level. We believe in building strong relationships with clients and partners and treating people in all walks of life with dignity and respect, wherever we operate. Equally, we offer our talented employees the opportunities, support and training they need to thrive, as well as providing them with a safe place to work. Our interaction with people is instrumental to our success and to our reputation.

A company people want to work for

Taking care to align individuals with roles, we offer a working environment that helps people develop personally and professionally. We provide tasks that are ambitious, challenging and varied, alongside attractive pay and genuine opportunities for career progression, helping create a real sense of belonging and pride.

Ensuring health and safety

Our processes are designed to ensure that we meet both the regulations and best practices for safety. This is especially a priority for our industrial operations in Russia, where we aim for a target of no accidents. To support us in achieving this goal, we focus on both certification and training to raise the overall awareness of occupational safety risks. Regular internal and external audits in our four factories help reduce the risk of accidents and continuously enhance our processes.

Promoting wellbeing at work

We believe a satisfied employee is less absent, more creative, more committed and more productive. Employees generally now rate empowerment and the quality of human relations high in their motivation, and young professionals are opting for companies that encourage them to flourish. The falling rates of absenteeism and staff turnover indicate what we have achieved in this regard in recent years.

Flexible working can be a major factor in improving and maintaining performance, as well as in attracting staff. We apply it in different ways, for example, financing childcare, allowing staff to work part-time after having taken maternity leave, or helping people resolve personal issues that affect health, family life or working life. Working through the pandemic has increased working from home and flexible working, and we will continue this in a clearly defined framework, as agreed with staff.

On our industrial sites, to improve wellbeing at work, we are investing in a more modern, high-performance work environment.

Attracting and managing talented people

Helping our employees acquire new skills and knowledge is critical to our success, and our managers provide development opportunities and support. We have fostered close relationships with top French universities, as well as with agronomic schools, and also contribute to various business schools through apprenticeship tax. In Russia, given our rural locations, we spend significant time and resources training employees where pre-qualified employees are not available. While for our sea-going employees, we follow the professional practice of the shipping industry, where employees are responsible for their training and certification, which we require at Sucden.