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Sucden publishes 2020 Responsibility Report

Sucden reports on progress towards its journey for sustainable growth with the publication of its third Responsibility Report.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we found many reasons to thrive in our commodity business, and had the opportunity to demonstrate our license to operate: supplying agricultural commodities in an environment where food became a global top priority, strengthening our supply chain, the commitment of our employees and the efforts of our business partners to remain aligned with our sustainability objectives.

In line with Sucden’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and other major sector-specific initiatives, the report details the impact of our activities in the five key areas of our Responsibility strategy: business practices, people, environment, supply chain and communities. It provides an update on our achievements and performance through key indicators and initiatives in 2020, and is verified by external auditors.

“In addition to those long-term commitments, we now look to all our stakeholders to discover the pragmatic steps we must take to make change real. Here we benefit from the long-term relationships of trust we have, in accelerating the positive impact we can generate”, stated Serge Varsano, Chairman of Sucden.

“In 2021, the Sucden family will continue to create opportunities and drive the transition to a sustainable commodity supply chain by keeping in mind our values and our commitments to a sustainable future”, said Serge Varsano.

Download our 2020 Responsibility Report

Download ‘Rapport de Responsabilité 2020’