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Where We Operate


Sucden is committed to Brazil. Over the years we have built long-term relationships with farmers, processors and clients that now form the basis of sustainable businesses in sugar, coffee and ethanol. We support our local partners with services throughout the value chain and have invested in local facilities and logistics to help provide easier access to the world markets for Brazilian agricultural products.

At the origin

Sucden has been trading with Brazil for nearly 50 years and opened a dedicated office in São Paulo in 1994 when the sugar marketing system was liberalized. Today, Sucden does business with the majority of Brazil’s cane mills and is one of the main shippers and merchandisers of Brazilian sugars. In addition, we have invested in our own sugar logistics operations, operating warehouses, internal freight and port services. We provide financial and risk management solutions to our suppliers.

From our representative office in Recife we support and transact with producers in the North East of the country. 

Also, Sucden has close and long-established ties with the Brazilian coffee industry. Our ability to source, market and ship Brazilian coffee beans worldwide underpins the strength of our relationships with local growers, processors and distributors.