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Sucden’s Russian agricultural businesses are located in the Lipetsk, Penza and Krasnodar regions. We farm 250,000 hectares in total and produce more than 2,500,000 tons of sugar beet, which is more than half of the sugar beet processed in our Russian plants. Through crop rotation we also produce more than 550,000 tons of grain each year.

Sustainable farming

We have farms in the Dobrinsky and Elets districts of the Lipetsk region, 139,000 hectares, the Kamensky district in the Penza region, 55,000 hectares, and the Beloglinsky district in the Krasnodar region, 36,000 hectares. Each is managed and cultivated according to sustainable ecological standards in which the use of fertilizers and chemicals is minimized.

The production of sugar beet for our own mills is the priority crop. However, we rotate land cultivation and grow various other crops including wheat, barley and malting barley, sunflower, peas and corn. We also have a herd of 2,600 milking cows and produce milk at each farm except Elets.

Ouspenski farm in Krasnodar region

Part of the community

Sucden plays an important role in the local communities around each farm. Although we use modern agricultural methods and equipment, large parts of our activities are labor intensive by their very nature. As such, we are a significant employer with approximately 3,500 permanent and 700 seasonal workers.

Sucden also takes an active role in the development of infrastructure and social programs in the districts where we operate.