1952 / 2015


Sucres & Denrées was founded by Maurice Varsano in 1952.
The group, headquartered in Paris, remains private and is presently led by Maurice's son, Serge Varsano.

A market leader in the global business of sugar, Sucres & Denrées is active in sugar sourcing, logistics, risk management, merchandising, trading, processing and distribution. The group originates and ships annually more than 8M Mts of sugar (bulk/bagged/container) while also distributing over 1M Mts sugar in domestic markets. Logistical and industrial processing activities have been developed in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Europe, USA and several African and Latin American destinations.

Through the years, the Group has expanded its scope of activities beyond sugar into other products and services like cocoa, ethanol, ocean freight, coffee and futures/options brokerage on the world's major exchanges. With an entrepreneurial and creative team of more than 4 000 employees in over 30 locations worldwide Sucres & Denrées strives to serve its customers with quality and integrity.

Sucres & Denrées would hereby like to thank its customers and partners for their loyalty over the past 60 years and wishes them renewed success in the future.

Press Release :

SUCRES & DENREES reached an agreement with AMTRADA HOLDING BV, AMSTERDAM  covering  the purchase of AMTRADA's global bulk coffee activities to Sucden Coffee BV.

The parties are targeting the completion of the envisaged transaction, which is contingent on, inter alia, customary regulatory approvals, in June 2015.

Such transaction would include Nedcoffee BV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nedcoffee Singapore PTE LTD, PT Nedcoffee Makmur Jaya, Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, Nedcommodities PTE LTD, Kushalganar, India and Nedcoffee Vietnam, Buon Ma Thot and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The acquisition of Nedcoffee Group would enable SUCRES & DENREES to successfully pursue its growth in the coffee markets.