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Our close relationship with ethanol producers worldwide enables us to dependably supply quality controlled ethanol grades for applications as diverse as food, fuel, industrial and pharmaceutical. This, combined with our specialized research, trading and logistics teams, enables us to tailor solutions that create value for our clients and suppliers.

The ethanol experts

Sucden has a strong reputation for trading and risk management expertise in the ethanol markets. Our research and statistics teams cover all feedstock and by-products, we work with producers to ensure product quality and dependable supply streams, and we have in-depth knowledge of regulations and sustainability certification. Sucden is certified according to the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) system.

We can therefore deal competitively in all types of ethanol including fuel grades and potable and industrial alcohols according to the specific needs of clients. We trade approximately 200,000 m3 of ethanol annually.

Ethanol key fact


Ford Model T

was adjusted to run on ethanol.

Global activitites

The strength of Sucden as a global organization ensures our close presence to clients and suppliers. Our ethanol activities encompass four continents. We have origination and sales teams in Europe, South America in Brazil in São Paulo and Recife, Chile and Peru, North America in Miami, and Asia in Hong Kong, India in New Delhi, the Philippines in Manila, and in Thailand in Bangkok.

Logistic flexibility

We have dedicated trading and logistics teams based where ethanol is produced and consumed. Also, in support, we operate storage facilities in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Europe, and in Peru in South America, from which we load and receive ships, barges, trucks and trains.

These capabilities make us highly flexible with regard to logistics and enable us to respond positively to the needs of a broad spectrum of clients. We supply entire shiploads of ethanol fuel to oil majors yet, at the other extreme, we also have clients with very specialized requirements for a single truckload per month.