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Sugar Beet

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Sucden is a global leader in sugar. We act throughout the value chain from farming, sourcing, processing and logistics to trading, risk management and merchandising. Each element of our expertise can be applied in the creation of tailored business solutions offering competitive advantage for our clients and partners. 

Market expertise

Sucden’s success is built on a deep practical knowledge of the sugar marketplace. Our multi-dimensional involvement gives us direct understanding of the dynamics affecting market performance including the agricultural, processing, logistical and financial imperatives. We use that knowledge to identify, create and capture opportunities for our clients in the short, medium and longer terms.

Global reach

Sucden has been trading sugar since 1952. Today, with commercial teams operating across all the main geographies, we have unparalleled insights into the characteristics of local, regional and global supply and demand. Such expertise enables us to support our clients and partners with risk managed programs incorporating all optionalities on many factors including origin, quality and scheduling.

Sucden is also a market maker. We provide both bid and offer proposals to enhance market efficiency and liquidity. 

World supply

Our relationships with key producers in Latin America, Europe, Asia among others, and with the major international refiners combined with our market reach, make Sucden one of the most reputed suppliers of white and raw sugar in the world.

We are a major player in the marketplace and have approximately 15 per cent global market share. We are active in all the key importing countries and partner with most of their main importers and operators. As such, we are a strategic player offering high service standards and dependable supply, supported by our presence on the ground through local representatives as well as logistics operations in the main regional sea ports.

We are one of the largest players in the Russian sugar market and operate four sugar plants with an annual production capacity of more than 800,000 tons.

Local distribution

Sucden is a major domestic distributor of both locally produced and imported sugars within all the large-scale major sugar markets such as the USA, Mexico, Europe, Russia, India and China. I

Industrial clients

For industrial clients we tailor individual solutions encompassing production, sourcing and supply reliability, quality certification, traceability, logistics and price discovery. Similarly, for both producers and consumers, our financial solutions help create and realize business opportunities such as crop development, stock finance and logistics projects.

Sugar key facts


is roughly when sugar cane was first domesticated

probably in New Guinea.


of the world’s sugar

comes from sugar cane, 20% from sugar beet.


We account for more than six million tonnes of raw sugar traded on the world market, of which most is shipped to our clients at destination. Sucden is a world leader in the chartering of containers for sugar transportation. 

Sustainable supply chain

Since 2018, we have achieved Bonsucro Chain of Custody certification. The Chain of Custody standard which covers all stages of the sugar cane supply chain, assuring full traceability and responsible sourcing, is consistent with our ambition of partnering with producers who create lasting values for people and eco-systems at origins.