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Grains & Oilseeds

At Sucden, we use our expertise in commodities trading and risk management, as well as in international logistics, to supply grains and oilseeds to both new and existing customers across the world.

Market Expertise

Sucden has long been involved in grains and oilseeds, starting with grain production in the Black Sea. Since 2022, we have expanded our role to become a global merchant of grains and oilseeds markets. So indeed today, we are a producer, an originator and a trader of grains and oilseeds.

We have a proven track record of thriving in very challenging parts of the commodities world, and grains and oilseeds are no different. Our partnerships in key origins – as well as our knowledge of the products we trade – allow us to identify opportunities and alternatives to better serve our customers who are constantly looking for reliable and sustainable supplies.

The world currently produces about 2.75 billion tons of grains and oilseeds. At Sucden, we identify opportunities to participate in the flows of physical goods of various grains and oilseeds. We believe part of our business purpose is to find the right balance, on both inventories and prices, between origins and destinations.

Over the past decade, the wheat traded to Asia has increased by more than 32 million metric tons, while over 15 million metric tons in additional wheat flows are to be accounted to Sub Saharan Africa destinations. Since 2008, Black Sea countries that were wheat importers 30 years ago have turned into large exporters, and are now responsible for close to 40% of the world’s wheat exports. These great shifts and patterns affecting supply and demand are also driving our strategy to expand.

Global activities

Dynamics in the grains market are very challenging as production evolves towards crops with a lower carbon footprint, as well as towards sustainable and resilient crops, cultivated in response to water scarcity, climate change and new weather patterns. The grains and oilseeds business is also affected by market structures and government policies, which can be seen as opportunities to develop structures and partnerships in some key origins and destinations.

We aim to act as a merchant to originate grains directly from farmers, and to deliver them to customers anywhere around the world. Thanks to our professional trading team, we can reach origins in the Black Sea, Europe, North and South America and Australia to serve customers in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and more. Operating with regional offices across the world, our grains and oilseeds team has a presence in all the important regions of the industry.

Grains key facts


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Logistics and sustainability expertise

Our logistics and freight expertise enable us to respond to the demands of bulk carriers of any size, with containers and transcontinental logistics schemes wherever they are needed. We can ship grains and oilseeds from all origins to most destinations, serving private industries across the world as well as government procurement offices for human food and animal feed.

Our sustainability expertise also allows us to provide certified products to clients. Right from the start, we have looked to obtain GMP+ and CSA-GTP certifications to align with sector best practices.