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Products & Activities

Sucden Ventures

Sucden Ventures is a venture capital specialist formed by Sucden in 2020 to invest in innovative early-stage growth companies in the food and agricultural sector.

Sucden Ventures aims to support disruptive and impactful technologies that can transform the food supply chain in the fields of sustainability, efficiency but also health and nutrition. Sucden Ventures will take advantage of the competitive benefits offered by the Sucden network of companies and partners, built over decades across many regions, and from Sucden’s industrial and agricultural assets.

Specialist Areas

We’re looking to support innovation and development in three specialist and growing areas of the food tech and agri tech ecosystem. They are:

  • alternative proteins, both cell-based and plant-based
  • alternative or new ingredients
  • plant and crop sciences.

Portfolio Companies

Sucden Ventures has already made, and currently maintains, several direct investments in new companies innovating in the field of new ingredients.

Alongside its historical partner, Continental Grain, Sucden Ventures has also made co-investments in a dozen of companies. One of which uses natural fermentation of mushrooms to create novel plant-based ingredients and transformative technology, offering solutions for sugar reduction, food insecurity, sustainable protein, natural immune support and much more. Another company looks at leveraging plant and crop sciences to offer a clean alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizer.

Investment Approach

We make investments in relatively early-stage growth companies in the specialist sectors mentioned above, potentially anywhere in the world. We aim to be an active minority investor, looking to support our portfolio companies in:

  • business development
  • testing new solutions through our commercial, industrial and agricultural network
  • growing internationally.