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Joining Sucden


Helenice – Head of Raw Sugar Operations

My current activity

I lead a highly skilled team of trade operation professionals. Our key role is to support traders on every aspect regarding the execution of purchase and sales contracts. We manage all aspects of our contractual obligations. This can involve freight (inland/ocean flow), financial instruments, documentation and, above all, customer relationships to ensure added value to customers and our company.

What I find interesting in my job

In trade operations, one can acquire a solid set of capabilities that will help to anticipate problems in contract execution, and to minimize contractual obligation risks. What I truly appreciate are the ever-changing markets and customer requirements, which are subject to countries’ socio-political and economical environments.

Being close to the business and participating in value creation are highly motivating.

What I appreciate at Sucden

Sucden has a well-established team with an extensive footprint, both in origin and destination markets. It is a flat organization, where I can contribute to continuous value creation on a daily basis.

Why I joined the company

I felt inspired by the company’s culture and values, its diverse team, and its openness throughout the recruitment process. Sucden is a company which looks after and invests in its people, empowering its leaders to do likewise. In addition, I like the Parisian environment and having the opportunity to learn a new language.

How the recruitment process went

I was approached by a headhunter company based in Switzerland, which first described the position, its challenges, objectives and opportunities. I then did two online interviews with management and board members. The offer was given during a face-to-face meeting in Paris. 

Something I did not expect

I moved to the Paris office from Barcelona; transitioning countries can be challenging. The company’s HR and management provided support and were available to answer any questions, with regards to the administrative process in Paris or to my position. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. The open-floor concept promotes open communication among all departments and management levels. 

The international dimension of my activity

It is in every aspect of our business. From the global range of commodity flows and customer reach, to the multiple languages spoken in my team and among colleagues. Regardless of where my work colleagues are based, whether in Brazil, Singapore, US, Europe or UAE, I can reach out at any given time for a word of advice, or to seek synergy, expertise sharing or support. The company promotes interaction and effective communication among its global offices.

My special moment

I remember the day I first met Serge Varsano. I was honored and felt a strong sense of responsibility to continue the company’s exceptional history. Openness and trust instilled among all employees is illustrated by an open floor in which everyone works together, including the family founder.

My Sucden experience in a nutshell

Ever-changing, opportunity and growth-oriented.

My message to future employees

Throughout my career, I have always liked the proverb “rough seas make skillful sailors”. It has helped me to build resilience and enjoy the lessons learned during adverse market conditions. I would like to encourage those who join us to honor past history and legacy and help us to build a diverse and sustainable future at Sucden.