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Joining Sucden


Thomas – Structured Finance

My current activity

My current activity consists of supporting our traders whenever our clients need financing solutions. Another aspect of the job is to increase the group’s financing and liquidity, which requires us to have great relationships with our partner banks.

What I like about my job

I enjoy the international aspect. Working with offices around the world, in French and in English, reading reports in Spanish and Portuguese, makes the job quite exciting. It also forces me to stay up to date with news and politics, as everything has an impact.

And I like representing the group, helping both our company and our clients on financial aspects.

What I appreciate at Sucden

I like that it is very family-oriented. We are closely connected to our subsidiaries; everyone is very open to help, to show you the ropes, to give you details you don’t learn at school. When I joined, I felt it was a very good place to start, and now I feel it is a very good place to stay.

Why I joined the company

I joined Sucden as I was searching for my first experience in financial markets. At first, I didn’t know much about the industry, but somebody from the company talked to me about it and recommended a book that explains what we really do. I was hooked right away! I decided to join, first for an internship in risk management, then a work-study program, and finally, a full-time position once I graduated.

How I got my last position

I have always let people know that I was interested in working front office. So, when the position opened, I put it in the work and they offered me the job. I also helped find someone to replace me. When I was still at school, I always spoke highly of Sucden, and a friend expressed interest in joining. When my position opened, I got in touch. Good background, motivation: in three weeks he was in.

Something I did not expect

I had not realized how big and involved the company was. Every day, we contribute to feeding the world; we play an important part.

My special moment

Every year, around June, we go rowing. New and old employees team up. I have been twice and loved it both times. Last year, we even flipped the boat!

My Sucden experience in a nutshell

Rewarding, exciting and fun.

My message to future employees

Besides lots of opportunities for learning and evolving, as well as living in different countries and experiencing different cultures, I would say two things about Sucden: 

The people make the difference. You never get bored.