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Sugar Operations

Sucden Americas is the sugar expert. We operate mainly in North and South America and the Philippines, and trade approximately 2,000,000 tons of sugar every year. We are a leading trader of sugar destined for and traded within the NAFTA region (US and Mexico), including delivery of raw sugar to US refineries from origins with preferential access to the US.

Across North and South America

Through National Sugar Marketing, our joint venture with the Amalgamated sugar company and Southern Minnesota Sugar Beet Cooperative, Sucden Americas delivers refined sugar originated from Mexico, CAFTA and any other country with duty preferential access to industrial accounts across the US.

We also manage the Sucden Group’s world market supply From Central and South American origins such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras and Argentina.

Tailored market opportunities

Sucden Americas is active in all segments of the sugar market and in all sugar qualities and packing across North and South America. This depth and breadth of involvement empowers us to offer a broad spectrum of market opportunities to sugar producers in the region. It also positions us to effectively manage the various arbitrages and offer buyers and importers highly competitive solutions.

Comprehensive logistics

Sucden Americas operates an unparalleled distribution network. Via our locally based subsidiaries, we have well-established processes for import and distribution across Mexico, Peru, Chile and the Philippines. This vertical integration underpins our ability to provide just-in-time logistics to our industrial and retail accounts.